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Hi! I’m Angela,

Do you want to change your health? Do you want to find the True You? If so, then you are in the right place! I will take you on a course to unleash your best inner self. I am inviting you to join me on my journey on how I changed my life. I will show you how to gain control over your life through healthy choices to achieve the results to a better you. You can also check out my recipes, blog, and other health tips along the way.
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True You

Being healthy is more than just what someone sees on the outside. Health is your TRUE YOU. Your True You incorporates your PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and your SPIRITUAL well being. It is BALANCING your life which encompasses work, relationships, school, parenting, etc. It is finding balance in ALL areas of your life and unlocking your True You.
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Essential Oils

I will show you how essential oils changed my life and my family's life. I am excited to share with you a wealth of information about essential oils. You will learn how essential oils can provide a positive outcome for health issues and overall well-being.
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What are people Saying:

"I trust Angela not only because of her deep knowledge, but because she lives what she believes!"

Angela is all about health and wellness for herself, family, friends and now the community through her efforts as the Healthy Living Chick. She practices what she preaches. Angela lives a very healthy life which includes exercise, healthy eating, supplementation, chiropractic, essential oils and other forms of preventative health care. She is incredibly knowledgable not only on adult health and wellness, but also that of children.
Dr. Jason Reinarts D.C.
Reinarts Family Chiropractic-TN
I was immediately taken by both Angela’s amazing sense of calm in addition to her strong sense of vitality. She was instantly recognizable as a warrior mom who would leave no stone unturned in finding the best way to support the emotional and physical health of her family. Angela not only tackled an arduous physical program with her daughters to strengthen neural pathways, but she did it with an exceptional sense of discipline and focused balance. I am thrilled to see Angela taking her mastery of these domains beyond the boundaries of her own family.
Sargent L. Goodchild, Jr.-MA
Executive Director
Active Healing, Inc.
Angela is my go-to friend when I need help regarding health ideas for my family and me. Her understanding about DoTerra oils, and sharing of healthy lifestyle ideas and recipes has impacted me greatly! She is patient, caring and has the heart of a teacher. I trust Angela not only because of her deep knowledge, but because she lives what she believes!
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