Hey! I’m Angela, a holistic health coach, dedicated to support you in becoming the person you want to be.



Our lifestyle choices may evolve naturally as a normal result of personal growth and maturation, or sometimes more dramatically through a culmination of intense life experiences. In either case they can also be unexpected situations that are a result of our own mistakes – especially those made out of ignorance. My personal testimony is no exception: many years of poor diet choices had its consequences, and the resulting health challenges impacted my life significantly.

My history with the typical American diet is probably familiar: a crispy donut for breakfast, the chef’s canned spaghetti and meatballs at lunch time, and dinner conveniently prepared with the help of a cardboard box of pasta and seasoning. When eaten frequently enough to constitute the primary diet, these are by definition considered staple foods. Little did I know just how harmful these choices were until I began experiencing allergies, ear infections, and even debilitating constipation. Little did I know what choices were really available!

The dietary pattern I had followed created my own health challenges, and those reached their peak during pregnancy. The symptoms I had been ignoring were a result of deeper health problems that ultimately led to a miscarriage, and further continued through to my second pregnancy. High blood sugar, high blood pressure, and even toxemia (the latter having gone undiagnosed until the premature birth of our first daughter) were all taking their toll physically. My daughter’s premature birth was complicated by an abruption and hemorrhaging to the extent that my life was in jeopardy. The dire nature of that situation only became apparent after learning that another expecting mother in the same situation had succumbed to her illness and left her newborn child motherless.

The blessing of a surviving preemie, along with my own life being spared during child-birth became the catalyst to the resulting dramatic changes in my diet and exercise choices. That feeling of responsibility grew even more throughout three subsequent international adoptions. The love and sense of responsibility I feel for all of them demanded change no longer for my sake alone, but more importantly for the health and well-being of my husband and children. I am not just a mother, wife, and child of God but a passionate wellness advocate too. This is at the core of finding the TRUE ME, and the education continues here. I hope you will find the content of this site informative and encouraging, and that you also prayerfully consider joining our family on our journey to living a more healthy and holistic lifestyle.



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