Eat the rainbow

I’m often asked to share easy, simple recipes that are healthy that busy people can make for their families. When we get the whole family involved it makes for light work for everyone. When I married, I was unable to do a lot in the kitchen. I’ve had to teach myself a lot. My goal is to share in the work with my kids so that they too can learn how to prepare healthy, yummy meals and this will prepare them for their future!
I keep this in my refrigerator all of the time so we always are ready for a quick salad, tortilla or sandwich.

Summer Veggie box ideas may include, black beans-garbanzo, pinto, nutritional yeast, peas (thawed), black olives, artichokes, nuts or seeds, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, red or yellow peppers, jalapeƱos, shredded carrots, herbs-cilantro, basil etc.
Go to your favorite salad bar and look at their toppings to get even more great ideas.

Everyone can choose the toppings that they like.